Wilmette 2 story Garage, Kitchen and more

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With the carriage house (converted to garage)of this 1887 North Shore home in desperate need of replacement, the homeowners turned to Rick for help. His experience and creativity solved problems that a top design/build firm and other contractor could not fathom how to solve. The resulting 2+ car garage with vaulted living space over it, additional bathroom, completely renovated kitchen and new porches retained the charm of the original while providing wonderful new features and living space.

Valuing Rick’s expertise and integrity after that experience, these homeowners, like so many of his clients, have since returned to Rick with other projects, not even going out to bid, knowing Rick’s product and pricing can not be beat.

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Evanston Porches, Sunroom and Stairs

RMWEvanston2levelsun porcheswstair tower Desiring some outdoor space of her own while renting out the first floor and back yard of her home, this client had Rick build a new back deck on the first floor, a new deck and sunroom on the back of the second floor and a new staircase in between. She also had him remodel an existing room. Her new space now has beautifully integrated indoor and outdoor living spaces.